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Monday, December 2, 2019

Battery Compartment Cover

Some more progress on the Battery Compartment Cover.

After priming and filling some rough areas, sanded smooth, primed and coated with acrylic black paint.

Waxed, polished and sprayed with Poly Vinyl Alcohol mold release.

Ready for some mat and resin.
Bought 1m2 of Mat, 1L bottle of  Resin, Small bottle of catalyst, 1L bottle of PVC Mold Release.

2 Layers of 225gsm mat applied with PE resin.
Layers applied about 3 hours apart.

Applied resin with a 1" brush and then rolled with a homemade roller made from 50mm length of 10mm threaded rod (cut the head off a bolt), then drilled each end and made a handle from some StockTite fence wire :) that inserts into each end of the threaded rod, could use a coat hanger.

Trimmed up the edge flush to the mold before popping it out.

Too easy, released easily and looks great.

Sitting in position, need to make some studs to mount it on.
Seals against the rubber "P" molding on the opening nicely.

The cover will be laminated with some fabric when i get to the trimming stage.