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Friday, May 23, 2014

Sensors & Gauges

My gauges from Speedhut arrived a month ago, I am very impressed with the finished quality and construction of the gauges and the completeness of the fittings kits that come with each gauge.
All quality products.
They even sent a "T" shirt with the delivery. :)

I got them to put my "Classic Revival" logo, and chassis build number on the Speedo.
This can all be done on the website by customizing the gauges to required colours, text, indicators and by uploading images for use as a logo.

Speedhut Gauges
Speedo - 0~260 KPH.
Tacho - Programmable shift and warning lights.
Oil Pressure
Oil Temp
Water Temp
Fuel Level

Oil Pressure Sender
The switches / senders supplied have 1/8 npt threads, but the LS has metric ports,
The adapter in this pic is from Aeroflow, its a 16mm to 1/8" npt adapter.
Part number AF912-M16-02BLK.
It fits to the original Oil Pressure Sender port on the back of the valley cover.
Water Temp Sender
The adapter in this pic is from Aeroflow, its a 12mm to 1/8" npt adapter.
Part number AF912-M12-02BLK.
It fits to the original Water Temp Sender port on the LH front or RH rear of the heads.
Sacrificial Anode
The radiator is all aluminium and is subject to electrolysis if bad earthing occurs, The LS3 is earthed from the back of the passenger side head on VE Commodores.

I will earth the radiator as well, but as extra protection, i have fitted this Sacrificial Anode, Zinc coated, it screws into the brass 1/4" npt port on the radiator.

Oil Temp Sender
The oil temp sender is mounted in to the outlet side of the oil cooler adapter on the sump.
The sender needs to be shortened to fit into the 1/8" npt port.
The sender is pre prepared for both long and short versions from Speedhut with a cut off groove already machined into the sender probe.