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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Windscreen, Roll Bar, and Dash Progress

Fitted up the Windscreen, some careful measuring and confirmation from other CR builders and it was time to cut the body.

The windscreen is from Brasscraft in the UK.
Beautiful piece of work.

I left the plastic sheet on for time being to protect from dust, bird poop etc,
This aided in the fitment of seating the windscreen down on the body as the rubber seal slid on the plastic instead of gripping on the body.

After marking the hole, I drilled a hole at either end and cut between them with an air powered mini saw.

I have used the mini air powered saw for all the body cutouts so far. not much dust created, easy to control with a fine tooth blade, no chipping and no exposed fibers on the finished cuts.
Then I use a sanding bit like a die grinder bit in the Dremel to do any finishing.

Under the dash,
The windscreen legs need to be drilled and spacers made to fill between the Dash Hoop mounting and the legs.

Started on the roll bar, but not fully welded up yet.

The hoop was rolled by another CR owner Mike Murphy, ("Aussie Mike" on the Clubcobra forums.)
Mike's attention to detail and finish is excellent.

The hoop is near perfectly formed using his mandrel bender.

I actually pre-built the roll bar on the chassis before putting the body on,
Once aligned and tack welded, it was then an easier process to mark the hole location and angle after body installed.
I did this the same way as the lift jacks by making a bung for the upper tube and marking and drilling a pilot hole, then from underneath i put a hole saw pilot drill through the hole and used the bung in the upper tube as a guide.

This is not the 3rd leg mounting location specified by Classic Revival, but relocated forward.
Other CR builders discovered an interference with the boot lid mount hoop bar which they had to then modify.

The 3rd lag has a roll bar connection in it to make removal and fitment easier.

Fitted up the dash and after some careful measuring, put a hole in it for the steering column.

The dash panel is normally fiberglass which has a recess pre molded in to it to clear the steering column shroud as standard on the Suzuki Swift/Barina, but i am not fitting this shroud or stalk assemblies, so Daniel at Classic Revival made me an Aluminium panel.

Some minor trimming to the top edge of the dash to follow the curvature of the body and bolted it in.

I've made the hole an oval so I can pass horn, indicators, wiper, and cruise control wires through underneath the column.

Momo Trek R Steering Wheel and Momo Column Boss Adapter 8907 for Suzuki Swift.