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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Inlet Tray - Part 1.

I've started  building the mold for the Inlet Tray
The idea is a tray that is shaped around the Hellings and Stellings air cleaners and follows the taper of the hood under the inlet scoop.
Minimize the hot under bonnet air going into the inlet.

At this stage I'm thinking of having a slim tray on top of the quads and a foam rubber seal stuck to hood that will seal up against the tray when the hood is closed.

This is the concept I did awhile back in Sketchup.

3D model of the tray in Sketchup

The next step was to unfold the 3d model and flatten so I could create a line drawing of the parts to import into Vectric Cut2d program and export tooling parts to my cnc router.

After flattening, I delete the surface and export the lines as a .dxf file then import into Cut3d to create the tool paths in G-Code.

Here is a pic of the side wall cut from 3mm MDF board, and a 1/8" groove machined into a 12mm base board which the side walls slot into.

The 3mm MDF bends around the curve easily, slotted into the groove and then glued with PVA glue, very rigid.

Next step was to create a radius around the base to soften the edges.

I cut a 20mm radius in a plastic spatula and spread cornice plaster cement around the base profile and walls.

Cornice cement dries quick and holds it shape while spreading.
Its also very easy to sand and smooth before putting some filler over the top to protect it.

I also glued on some side supports to mount a flange around the top of the mould.

Next step was to cut a flange and glue and screw to the mold.

In this pic i have filled the edges and spray puttied the mold, sanded and started filling the imperfections with some body filler.

I am undecided as to have a go at vacuum forming with 4mm Acrylic sheet into the mold or fiber-glassing a part from it.

More next time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wheels & Tyres - Part 4

Picked up my wheels.
Looking the goods, and very happy with the finish.
The fronts need to go back for a little off the spigot bore as they are just a little too snug.
Everything rotates as it should, with good clearance.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Wheels & Tyres - Part 3.

Visited Dragway today to confirm measurements before they welded the centers into the rims.
Took some more pics, measured the front space on Front and Rear Assemblies, centres hole and bolt PCD and the Caliper clearance from the hub mount face to the centre webs.
All good to go.

Front Wheel assembled and ready to weld then trued up and hub faced square to the rim.

Inside view of the Front Wheel.
In this pic, you can see the tape protecting the edge of the center from paint overspray before welding to the Rim.

Rear Wheel assembly.

Centers painted and awaiting assembly.

Center Caps all machined and painted.

This is a spinner that has been machined from a billet into the section profile before having the spinner shape machined.

Underside of a spinner, still to be center drilled and tapped for assembly to a boss that clamps through the Center Cap.

Spinner sitting on a Center Cap.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wheels & Tyres - Part 2.

Some more wheel progress pics arrived today.