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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Little Progress, Bonnet Struts, Overflow Bottle, Washer Bottle

Not much to report of late, busy with work and family.
Fitted the Overflow Bottle, Washer Bottle and ordered some fittings to plum it all up.
Also fitted the Bonnet Hinge Cross Member and Bonnet so I could test fit the Struts and check clearance to the engine.

Here you can see the strut mounted from the chassis to the hinge.
A strut is fitted to each hinge.
Also the Bottles fitted to a cross brace between the suspension mounts.

Drilled a new 8mm hole in the hinge, the existing holes are only 6mm and too close to the edge.

Works well, with minimal effort to open and close.

Didn't take a pic yet of the passenger side Header, but you can see in this pic its progressing.

Needs Stripes.

Clearance is hard to see in this pic, but there is plenty, and if it ends up being too close, I'll open up the opening a bit more.