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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Emission Canister

Classic Revival suggested the VZ emission carbon canister, i did buy one of these new, and they aren't expensive, but i also had a VE commodore canister i picked up from a wreckers, which looked like a better fit in the space between the boot floor and the diff.

The canister sits between the chassis rails behind the battery box above the diff.

Here's a view from the boot area  looking back towards the diff.
The canister sits neatly behind the diff.
The canister has 2 ports, one to the fuel tank, and the other to the purge solenoid on the factory inlet manifold.

Need to investigate where and how this works on a non factory manifold.

To mount the canister, i needed to make some mounting brackets.

This pic also shows the canister breather tube.

Mounting Brackets Milled from some 6mm flat Aluminium bar stock.

The finish straight of the mill.

The finish after tumbling in a Vibratory Tumbler for 24 hours.
Super smoothed, could be easily polished or anodized at this stage depending on the finish.
I like the burnished Titanium look and will leave them untreated.

Oil Cooler .......continued

After staring at the oil cooler shroud for a few months, I decided I didn't like it, looked a bit busy, so its now hanging on the shed wall, I'm too proud to throw it our yet, decided to simplify with just an upper and lower mount.

Also made up a tab mount to secure the upper oil cooler plate to the front outrigger that fits between the radiator opening and the oil cooler opening instead of "P" clamps.

Lower Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket,
8mm RivNuts inserted into the chassis,
The bracket sits on 3 bushes.

In this pic, you can see the tab plate welded to the out rigger and the Mocal 16 row oil cooler.
Oil cooler fitted with -8AN fittings.

View from the top,
Aluminium cover plate secured to the top oil cooler mounts and the chassis tabs.

Assembled view.
Just need to sand and paint the out rigger again.