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Friday, August 3, 2012

Brake & Fuel Lines...Part 1

Today i made a start on my brake & fuel line mounting.
I intend to keep the VE HSV Fuel pump and mount in tank, it has the regulator built in and as such has no return line from the engine, so all I will run from front to back will be Rear Brake Line, Fuel Line, Canister Purge Line, and Battery Cable, (encased in an aluminium tube).

Designed the brackets on Sketchup to mate with the 4 inch diameter chassis tubes.

Brake tube and battery cable down the right hand side,
Fuel tube and Canister purge tube down the Left

Billet aluminium brackets with plastic insulators, and 5mm Stainless steel 5mm Allen key button head bolts.

I bent up the Battery Cable tube with the cable already in it, this also helped the 16mm tube keep its shape through the bends.

After getting the tube profile right, i marked up the bracket hole positions on masking tape on the chassis, the tape stops the paint from chipping.

I'm using 5mm rivnuts, so a 7mm drill bit is required.

Hole #1.

Rivnut #1 in place,
with the mandrel still attached.

The Rivnut tool.
You can see my aluminuim tube laying across the chassis rails.

Bracket #1 in place with Tube weaving around the seat mount bracket on the chassis.

Another View.
The top hole in the bracket is for the Rear Brake Line.

All Right Hand Side Brackets in place with the Battery Cable tube.

Brake tube next.

Engine and Gearbox ....Part 1

Last month, I bought an Engine and Gearbox from a wrecked 2011 HSV VE Commodore.
The car had done 21000 k's when hit in the front LH corner.
The engine is an LS3 317kw version, the gearbox is a TR6060 Tremec.
The engine was sent on pallet from Brisbane to Melbourne, and came with everything required, Looms, ECU, all the accessories still fitted, pedals, tail shaft etc etc.
To fit this engine to the CR chassis, the LS3 sump has to go and in its place, an LS1 front sump and pick up needs to be swapped.
The engine mounts are too far back on the LS3, and need to be swapped for earlier LS1 Commodore brackets and mounts.
The rear gearbox mount also gets changed for a Mackay Rubber A1115 mount, common on many earlier Holdens and available anywhere.

Unloading the pallet with the car hoist.

This will sell on ebay....

Whipped up a stand to move it round the shed while I'm working on it.

On the stand, 

Now its ready to strip of the excess and see what's underneath.

I'm going to simplify the look of the front, Remove the A/C , Move the P/S pump to the RH side,down low if possible, and change the water pump to a conventional rotation (clockwise) drive type, 
Thinking Edelbrock #8895 at the moment.

The manifold may have to stay for a while,but the intention is Kinsler X-Ram in the future, the rocker covers have to go though.

The strip down begins.