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Friday, February 9, 2018

In the boot

After fitting up the radio / Bluetooth / USB player in the boot and adding in the dedicated Battery Trickle Charger, I wasn't happy with the prospect of easily getting a panel to seal access through to the battery compartment which is open air from underneath.

Measured up and made a surround to fit from Aluminium sheet that I could seal to the body with a Wind-lacing & Seal profile and crate an opening I could put an easily removable Battery access panel.

Made up a mount for the radio and fixed to the inside wheel guard.

The battery access surround panel fitted and seals installed.

Battery Trickle Charger located to the Right hand side inside wheel guard.

Boot Lid mounting Cross-Brace installed and wiring for lights and auxiliary power completed.

Amplified under-body Antenna installed.

Made up a bezel for the Shift Hole to finish up from underneath.

Also cut a grommet holder for the reverse light wiring in the boot floor.

The Shift Hole Bezel installed in the Transmission Tunnel.

The Reverse Light Grommet Holder installed in the boot floor.

The floor is about 6mm thickness, to thick for a small wiring grommet to fit in.

Started design and building a mould to make a fiberglass access panel.

Concept for the panel drawn in Sketchup.

Put a CR logo in the panel to add some stiffness to the part.
Panel will be just a few layers of cloth to keep it light.

I then created an inverse mould in Inventor.
For 3D CAM work, I use Inventor to create the STL file I export to CUT3D program I use from Vectric.

Once the STL is imported into CUT3D, its easy to create the tool paths using the wizard.
The Vectric program has a post processor that creates the toolpaths automatically to suit the mach 3 CNC software.

Next post I will add some pics of the MDF mould I milled out for the Battery Compartment Panel and some pics with body back on the chassis now that underneath is completed.