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Friday, June 15, 2012

Front Brakes

Finished off my Front Caliper Mounting Brackets over the weekend.
I had a delay when i mounted up the CP5570 6 pots and found they didnt fit.......doh.
AP had miss-built the calipers using the inner half of a CP5570 for a 32mm disc with the outer from a 28mm version.
I emailed Co-Ord Sport (where i bought the calipers) and Pete Collen from AP in the UK and within hours they dispatched by airfreight the correct parts.
I had them in 5 days. Fantastic response, especially as i had bought them OS and not locally.

CP5570-812S4 LH Front Leading

 Fitted with EBC Redstuff  DP3032C Pads

The next stuff up was mine, after locating and marking out the caliper mounting holes on the Bracket, I drilled one of the holes about 2mm out of position on one of the Brackets.
I had center punched then drilled in the pedestal drill, but the hole walked a bit as i didn't have the vice secured properly.
After some pondering, I decided to make an aluminium threaded plug and redrill oversize to suit a 10x1.5mm Helicoil insert.
This time i mounted in the mill securely.

Original hole plugged, re-drilled, and ready to tap for Helicoil insert.


Hole chamfered, threaded and Helicoil inserted.

LH Caliper Bracket mounted to the VZ Knuckle.
The bracket is rotated by 20 Deg so that the Caliper clears the Lower Arm during suspension movement at full lock.

Bracket, rumbled smooth in vibrating media, then clear anodized.

CP5570 mounted