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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Header Tank, Coolant Hoses, Tanks and Horns

Continuing the theme of trying to create an "Old Skool"  look, but with new technology and materials I wanted to create a similar look to the original 427 layout.

This pic from the web shows an authentic layout.

The header tank in this pic is painted black located just forward of the distributor on this FE 427ci engine.

I designed my own header tank to sit in a similar place as the original FE engines.

This is my Header Tank design.
It incorporates -AN fittings for LS Engine Head Steam Vent, Radiator Bleed, Expansion Overflow Bottle and of course the Radiator flow.

Its designed to fit my LS3 fitted with a Meziere Corvette Electric Water Pump.

Meziere Pump part number WP330N.
The Pump has a -20 ORB  outlet, so is suitable for a number of hose style fittings.
I fitted the -20AN male adapter supplied with the pump.

The tank was made by Shaun's Custom Alloy.

The black -20AN 90deg elbow fitting is a cut down Aeroflow part AF583-20BLK TIG welded to a bung in the bottom of the Header Tank.

The Aeroflow bend screws on to the Meziere pump and a bracket mounts from the pump housing to the tank to lock it in place.

Trial Fitted up with Top Radiator Hose, Radiator Bleed Vent Hose, Head Steam vent Hose, and Expansion Tank Hose.

Cooling System Hoses,
Expansion Tank, Wiper Water tank, Horns all mount to a cross brace made to fit between the Chassis Suspension Mounts.

I'll send the brackets for powder coating to finish them off.

Welding up the Cross Brace from some tube and sheet metal.
Machined up some bushes for the mount to the chassis.

This is about as retro as I can make the LS look and keeping with my theme of Silver, Black and modern materials

Time to move on to finishing the headers.