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Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Wipers are in.!
What an effort, hated this job and didn't go as expected.
Firstly, I've opted for a 2 wiper design based on the sweep and layout of the "Absolute Pace" Cobra.
The "CR"calls for a 3 wiper design to meet the design rules, but the "AP" design has been documented and passed engineering so I will use this as the basis for mine.
If it doesn't go through, then off comes the screen and on goes the race deflector screen, no windscreen means no wipers means no hassles.

My first issue was that I drilled one of the Wiper Box holes that poke through the body with insufficient angle and the Bezel then didn't fit correctly, I then had to file the holes to the correct angle but the Wiper Box was loose and didn't tighten up snugly, so ended up filling and reshaping the hole with fibre filler.

The next issue is that i had placed and made a bracket to hold the Wiper Motor on the firewall and now the Wiper Boxes didn't line up with the plane of the Wiper Motor.
The first Wiper box is only about 150mm from the Wiper Motor and needed a fair bend in the drive cable tube to meet up. After trying this, I found the cable was too tight in the tube to function smoothly, so made a new tube an fitted this to the unsecured Wiper Motor Then made a spacer block to pack out the Wiper Motor by another 16mm.
Its mounted up neat now and hidden behind the dash :)

Note for first timers,
Mount the Wiper Boxes first, then make the Drive Cable Tubes to fit, then fit the Wiper Motor, then make a Wiper Motor mounting bracket. :)

Not my best work.... but had fun milling up a spacer block.

The ECU is now mounted on the roof of the passenger foot well.

The front end is pretty much completed except for the washer bottle pump water line.