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Monday, May 6, 2019

Bonnet Gaps, Rivets, and Scoop

After mounting the Bonnet Locks, I made up a little gauge block to mark out an even gap of 3.5mm around the Bonnet edge.
The opening in the body is very well formed and finished, the Bonnet however is over size from the laminating of the inner and outer skins and needs a bit of clean up.

I used dimensions from various documented cobra examples for the bonnet and scoop Rivet patterns and decided on 23 scoop rivets and 29 bonnet rivet patterns.

Finding the centre of the car to align the scoop was difficult with the LH & RH sides of the centre line not being identical at various points along the body.
This made the scoop look slightly tilted and off centre.
The scoop also isn't a symmetrical product either and it took me a while to realize that the slight radius in the scoop nose was the main culprit making one side slightly longer on the right hand side by 3mm, not much but enough to make a visual impact when looking straight on.

The air inlet opening in the bonnet is also about 5mm out of square to the bonnet line at the front further impacting the scoop opening look making it "wink" slightly on the LH Side.
This was also sanded back and shaped using a flapper wheel.

The scoop has the forward outrigger on each side.
To get the scoop nose radius correct, the little out riggers had to go.

After removing the out riggers, I created an even radius on the top of the scoop nose and sanded back the sides to make even.

Lots of finessing, and the scoop finally looks right.

A little more to come off the thickness of the scoop but its getting there.

This is the rivet pattern I used as a rough guide for the main dimensions, found this initially on the289register.com site and also club cobra and some builder blogs.

Scoop Rivet pattern is 11-1-11 (23)
Bonnet Rivet Pattern is 14-1-14 (29)