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Friday, April 12, 2019

Dash Brace and Brake Bias Adjuster Mounting

After mounting the dash in for gauge location layout, I found the aluminium panel unsupported at the bottom and more flexible than I liked, so I've made up a brace that looks like the original tube brace from behind the dash to the tunnel.

On this tube brace, I've welded a bracket that the dash return lip on the bottom screws to that now stiffens it up and stops any flexing and vibration.

I also made up and welded another bracket to the tube brace for mounting 2 USB ports, 1 for the ECU and the other for Power or Media back to the radio in the boot area and a position for the Remote Brake Bias Adjuster.

Top of the Brace mounts to the dash bow.

The bottom of the tubes have 8mm studs that protrude through the tunnel and fixed from the underside.

Brace installed with Brake Bias Adjuster Knob and USB port mounted after a sandblast and Black Powder Coat by Best Coatings in Dandenong South.